Secure Multi-Factor Authentication

Centralize and manage your organisation's Multifactor Authentication (MFA). In a multi-user IT Department, securely generate MFA Tokens for your team members without physcally sharing the Secret.

What Did We Do

In the Manage Service Provider (MSP) industry where security is key in the management of multiple systems for multiple clients, the need to use and secure the Multifactor Token for client is paramount. While the use of individual Authenticator App is ideal to secure a client account, the sharing and management of token can become an issue, the on boarding and off boarding of employees can become tedious. As a result, Tokengen was created to allow organisations to better manage the Secret Tokens that are used by multiple team members

Tokengen was designed as a centralized management system for the secure generation of MFA Token in organisations without having to share the Secret/QR Code for that account.

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Web Application

Generate MFA tokens (realtime) using your web browser, resulting in improved access to resource. Integrate with your existig authentication mechanisms to ensure access control.

Quickly provide access to employees without sharing the actural secret

Chrome Extension

With password/document systems such as I.T Glue, quickly generate tokens using the Chrome Extension with the need to search for tokens.

Mobile App

Centralize Manage tokens on a team member mobile Apps.